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Garcinia Today falsely advertised asking to claim free bottle for $1.49 and few days later they debit money from my account without authorization.They did this to so many people who are so disappointed and upset to learn they lost their hard earned money for this FRAUD GARCINIA TODAY COMPANY.

When I complained they said they won't be able to reverse the funds they deducted. I am very disappointed with this company. They are cheating everyone by falsely advertising. Please beware of this company.

THEY ARE FRAUD.Once they get account number you are basically zero balance in your account.

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This is crazy or is it us?

We want soo much to believe in these bogus products and we know we are gonna get taken and disappointed.

Garcinia will send you a 30 day trial,but you had better cancel before day 14. cause they are gonna hit your credit card on day 19.

( not that you are going to notice any weight loss in the two weeks.If you do, lucky you.So many companies stealing from hardworking people legally!!!!

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #820444

Hard to believe this chicanery is endorsed by so-called "Dr.Oz" but I digress.

I have had an analogous experience and my bank is investigating.

multiple charges In the $87 to $89 dollar range.

Closed that bank account and notified authorities.


I had the same problem and I called my credit card company and filed a fraud claim...they immediately deactivated my card and sent me a new one...they started the investigation of my claim on April 11 and I was fully refunded my money by my credit card company on April 21...just 10 days later thankfully!!!

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